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What is logo design?

Logo design is a great contribution to your company. Why? Because a logo design is your company's only public face. As you know a company is an abstract entity. That is, your corporation building, the staff, the products you make are just part of it, but they are not your business. Your firm is all that the customer can and cannot see: the method of work, the changes in this method, the attitude towards the customers, the atmosphere, the quality of the products and services and of the treatment among those who make up the enterprise. All of these attributes are in a way abstract or too subjective. For this reason, every corporation should have a concrete face. A logo design fulfils this aim perfectly.

A logo design is capable of representing all of your company's attributes. By means of shapes and colors, a logo design is conveying a message to the target that will determine your corporation's success. Colors are non-verbal means of communication that can work just as words do. It's important that a logo design is comprised by colors that are culturally accepted by the targeted viewers. The meaning of each color will vary from culture to culture. For example, in Western cultures, white is the color of purity and birth, and black the color of mourning. And for some Eastern cultures, white is the color of death.

Shapes also have different meanings. A logo in form of an arrow pointing down is likely to convey a negative message. Circles have generally a positive connotation but there are way too many logo designs with this shape. Shapes are highly important in a logo because the human brain can recognize shapes easily and, in this way, the image sticks to the target's mind.

As I have already said, a logo design is the face of your company. But as the face needs a body, so does a logo. The body of a logo design is the corporate identity. If you have the head and the body, then your firm is certainly on course for success. To say that the logo is the head is not groundless. Your company's logo design is the element on which the design of the rest of the promotional material (the body) will be designed. A corporate identity, in this way, is the materialization of your company's values, professionalism, aims, quality. The first element of this corporate identity that should be developed then is the logo. Once the colors and shapes of the logo have been decided, the rest of the material can be designed, always basing this design on the logo colors and shapes.

A corporate identity will make your company very powerful! With a corporate identity you will obtain the results you are looking for. As the main aim of a corporate identity is to increase awareness among potential customers, sales boost and your company positions among the top corporations. The best way to gain customers is by making them know you. To do this, you need to own a clean and consistence look. You can't launch a campaign comprised by brochures, posters and websites, and have each of these elements designed by different designers with different ideas. Your logo design is going to be placed on each of these advertisements and for this reason they should match well.

A logo design is something you should take into consideration when you want to promote your company. This logo should be highly representative of your firm and should be able to stick to your target's mind. That is to say, it should be memorable and outstanding in a world with so much visual pollution. If you live in a city, and even in small towns, when you walk around the street you may see a million advertisements by different corporations offering the same products and services as you. However, there is one brand that will stand out from the rest. What you must do is to obtain a logo design that is even more outstanding than that one.

To do this, you will need to contact a professional graphic design. Don't try to do your logo on your own. Unless you are a graphic designer, it would be too risky, and, considering that a logo design is so important for your company, you don't want to risk failing. A logo design implies a considerable investment, no matter the quality. That is, if you contact a designer without experience or knowledge to do a good job, you will obtain a bad logo design and still spend a lot of money. And if you acquire and use a logo design that is not proper or accurate for your business, you will find that you will need to have it redesigned. Redesigning is a real setback as your target will have to start all over again the process of familiarizing with the logo design.

Don't downplay the power of a logo. A logo design is the main promotional element for your company. If your logo design is not designed with care, it won't bring the results you are expecting. On the contrary, a bad logo design has the power to make your company lose value and strength. Be careful and hire a professional designer to develop your logo design and enjoy your company's resounding success.

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